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Outtakes from the Oregon Bride shoot

The original plan for the article was to print the photos in black & white. I was pretty excited about that idea, but I think the color photos look great too. Here are two outtakes from the shoot in black & white.


Oregon Bride Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shoot

I worked with a very talented group of people to create this beautiful bridal fashion set for Oregon Bride Magazine. Editor: Susannah Bradley, Art Director: Keelee Brittles, Model: Alexandra Williams with Heffner Management, Stylist: Benjamin Holtrop, Stylist Assistant: Emily Gross, Hair and Make-Up: Kylie Sallee, and Photo Assistant: Jake Kwong.


Photos for 'Guitar Aficionado Magazine'

I took photos for a couple of articles in a recent issue of 'Guitar Aficionado Magaizine,' (Vol. 7, No. 1).  The first article is about an extremely rare (1 of 10 in existence) custom 1938 Gibson Super Jumbo acoustic guitar.  These guitars were mostly owned by singing cowboys, including Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Tex Ritter.  The large body size of the guitar led to an increased volume, which I am sure is helpful when performing for a large audience. 

The whereabouts of 9 of the 10 were previously known, but the 10th recently resurfaced in Cornelius, OR.  The original owner was Peggy Eames, best know as a cast member in "Our Gang" short films in the 1920s, and later toured the vaudeville circuit as a guitarist/singer.  The guitar is currently owned by her son. 

You can read the complete article here:

Notice the singer/guitarist's name in mother of pearl inlay.

Peggy Eames with her 1938 Gibson Super Jumbo custom acoustic guitar.

"Hoot  Mon" engraved on the pick guard roughly translates from Scottish to "Hey Man."  The dancing Scottish figure reflects Peggy Eames' talent for the Scottish dancing style.

Photo contributions to artist Heidi Schwegler's new catalog

I have enjoyed taking photos for artist Heidi Schwegler over the past several years.  Her art is  featured in a fantastic exhibit at Marylurst University's Art Gym gallery until May 15, 2015.  It is a sort of mid-career retrospective with work made between 2004 and 2015, and is accompanied by a beautiful catalog published by Marylhurst, which includes several photos of Heidi's sculptures taken by me.  I really enjoy the mixed sensation I get of being surprised, shocked and amused by Ms. Schwegler's work.  Definitely a must-see for you art-lovers.